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About Usha Polytubes

Usha is an established brand, manufacturing a variety of PVC pipes for water transportation and supply since 1982. The pipes produced at Usha are made up of 95% PVC Resin.This is certified by a declaration on each pipe. Our company makes constant endeavors to gain self-identity in the market through innovation and quality of its products. Usha is not only committed to delivering excellent products but also creating awareness about safe drinking water, which makes it different from its competitors. It does so by organizing seminars and educating people about the importance of pure water.

Usha Polytubes is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company having ISI certification. It also complies with a number of national and international standards with anaim to provide highest level of customer satisfaction.

The strength and goodwill of our company have been achieved due to the professionally equipped and able staff of the company. The hard work, dedication and passion of the people lead to constant business excellence in the company. They posses deep understanding and have diverse experience of the Indian market that proves to be a major strength for the company. It helps in serving the customers to their satisfaction. This along with the leadership and innovative ideas of top-level management proves to be a godsend for Usha Polytubes.

Usha Polytubes is a socially responsible company. We always believe in pursuing our business growth objective in a socially responsible and ecological sustainable manner. We are committed to the safety, hygiene and health of our employees, customers and the society. We have done so in the past by promoting a NGO called ‘Swatch Jal’ (Pure Water) for creating awareness among the masses. We organize seminars for the same on a regular basis.


Usha Polytubes


Usha Polytubes


Usha Polytubes


Usha Polytubes